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New home construction rose 1.5% in Oct.

The gain came exclusively from apartment construction with single-family starts dropping 1.8% for the month – however, single-family rose 4.7% in the South.

Study: Homeownership delay hurts long-term financial health

Want to retire comfortably? Millennials should buy a home now, finds a ULI study. Those who postpone a purchase now to save money, end up losing out later because buying young nets a "big bang for the housing buck."

More homeowners add ADUs, make improvements

In Oct., expenditures on existing homes – renovations, additions and alterations – rose 2.9%, and some owners are adding accessory dwelling units (ADUs).

Make the media listen to you

A media quote is worth hundreds or thousands of dollars in free advertising – but it may take time to convince a reporter that you have something worth saying.

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